AstraZeneca Vaccine Made in Thailand, 14 lots, over 20 million doses, where is it?

listen to information from Supakit Then it shows that Siam Biosciences has produced 14 AstraZeneca vaccines for AstraZeneca (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The production of vaccines is not less. Because each production lot must be produced in large numbers.

Dr Supakit revealed that Of the 9 lots that have been checked and 5 lots are under review. I don’t know how many But I think there are a lot. Usually, if the first production model. Skills may not be mastered. Each batch may receive approximately 1-2 million doses, but subsequent versions may receive 2.5-3 million doses, depending on time and more skilled processes. It’s fine, no problem, and another 5 lots are being checked. Assuming there is no problem Certified for every lot Probably several million doses But the delivery date is unknown. But know that the company confirmed that the first lot will be delivered as planned in June.

I try to produce each lot that Supakit Sirilak, MD. Estimates range from 1-2 million doses to 2.5-3 million doses. Try an average of 14 production lots. Probably get 2 million doses per lot. 14 production lots should get 28 vaccines. million doses or the least likely to be 20 million doses

then the vaccine AstraZeneca (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Ordered from Siam Bioscience Company, 14 lots, 20-28 million doses, where are they? Why haven’t they sent the vaccine to the Thai government? Because before, April 28 Mr. James Teek The president of AstraZeneca (Thailand) has announced that it is ready to gradually deliver the first batch of vaccines produced by Siam Bioscience to the Thai government. But until today, it hasn’t been sent to the Thai government. Why? Where is the vaccine? Can you please answer the Thai people to get rid of their grievances?

The Thai government ordered The first 26 million doses of the astraZeneca vaccine before production cost $5 each, about 158 ​​baht, and 35 million additional doses were ordered for a total of 61 million doses.

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It is hoped that AstraZeneca (Thailand) will keep the good business contract. Delivered the first lot of vaccines produced in Thailand by Siam Biosciences. to the Thai government today, tomorrow immediately The vaccine already exists. passed the inspection In order to distribute and inject to Thai people all over the country in time for June 7, don’t export to other countries before Thai people can use it.

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