Asthma Medicine Reduces Need For Covid Hospitalization, Oxford Study Finds

Reuters.- A treatment for him asthma commonly used could reduce the need to hospitalize patients with Covid-19 if the drug is given within seven days of symptoms onset, British researchers said.

The budesonida, sold under the brand name Pulmicort by AstraZeneca Plc and also used for the treatment of smoker’s lung, reduced the time required for patients to recover from Covid also when administered by inhaler, reported the Oxford University.

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University detailed in a study that inhalation of budesonide in patients with Covid-19, administered within 7 days of the onset of symptoms reduces recovery time from illness.

The study involved 146 people, of whom 50% took 800 micrograms of the drug twice a day, while the other half received traditional care. The results suggest that inhalation of budesonida reduced by 90% requiring urgent care or even hospitalization. In addition, participants on this corticosteroid recovered more quickly from fever and symptoms.

Professor Mona Bafadhel, from Oxford Nuffield Department of Medicine, remarked the importance of early treatment of illness to avoid urgent care or even hospitalizations.

“There have been important advances in hospitalized patients with Covid-19, but equally important is treating early disease to prevent clinical deterioration and urgent care need and hospitalization, especially for the billions of people around the world who have limited access to hospital care.

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On the other hand, he pointed out that although vaccination is good news, it will take a few years for it to reach everyone in the world. a relatively safe medicine, widely available and well studied, as an inhaled steroid, may have an impact on the pressures we are experiencing during the pandemic. “

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The study also demonstrated persistent symptom reduction in those who received this drug.

“This is an important finding to combat the pandemic”, stated Professor Bafadhel, Respiratory Consultant and employee of the NHS Foundation Trust of the Oxford University Hospitals.

“I am encouraged to see the reduction of persistent symptoms at 14 and 28 days after treatment with budesonida. Persistent symptoms after Covid-19 initial problems have become a long-term problem. Any intervention that could address this would be a huge step forward, “he said.

The focus of the study was inspired by the small number of people with Covid-19 who are admitted to hospitals still suffering from chronic respiratory diseases.

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