Asking Alexandria Releases Music Video For New Single ‘Alone Again’ –

Acclaimed British rock group ASKING ALEXANDRIA will release his new full-length studio album, «See what’s inside», on October 1 through Best noise music. The official music video for the album’s first single, the soulful and powerful, powered by the guitar. “Just one more time”, you can see below. A raw, emotional and introspective rock anthem, the track was co-written by all five members and offers a proper first taste of the full-length LP. Harnessing a renewed sense of creative energy, the band is more aligned than ever and rediscovered their love of writing songs and making music together during the recording sessions for this album.

From the single and the new album, founding member and lead guitarist Ben Bruce said: “‘Just one more time’ and the rest of this album is the result of us reconnecting and falling in love again with the reason we started this band in the first place. No frills or cheap gimmicks, just the five of us playing our instruments as loud and as loud as we can! At some point in our lives, we all feel lost and confused about who we are and who we want to be, and I think this song will really bring us all together in that regard. We are so excited to share, not only this new song with all of you, but our new album. We went back to our roots as musicians and we really wanted to rekindle that passion and love for rock and metal music. METALLICA, LED ZEPPELIN, REINA, NIRVANA, GARDEN SOUND, AEROSMITH, AC/DC… .All the greats we fell in love with when we were kids have had a lot to do with this new album and we couldn’t be more excited. “

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In the first months of 2021, the five members of ASKING ALEXANDRIA they found themselves huddled in a house in Franklin, Tennessee to write and record their new album. It was the first time in more than a decade that they were all in the same studio together. Armed with a new sense of dedication to themselves and their fans, they went back to their roots and were inspired by some of their early musical heroes and influences. With time to reflect on their journey thus far, they began to prepare their next steps forward as a band.

Beyond its soulful lyrics and soaring melodies, “Just one more time” is a rallying cry and statement from a group of artists who are here to stay and more ready than ever to be heard.

As the band prepares to put this new work out into the world, reintroducing themselves as a creative collective armed with a new sense of clarity and purpose, they will also reconnect with fans on the road. Earlier this month, it was announced that they would be joining A DAY TO REMEMBER in its “Re-entry tour” throughout North America. The tour begins on September 28 in Rochester, New York and runs through November 6 in St. Augustine, Florida. The band will also play a select list of key festivals this fall.

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