Asbestos removal work begins in several schools in the Region of Murcia | Radio Cartagena


The Ministry of Education and Culture work has begun to remove asbestos in several educational centers in the Region of Murcia, complying with the planning established in the Plan for Energy Efficiency and Bioclimatic Reconversion. Total the investment is 26.6 million euros, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

The Minister of Education and Culture, Esperanza Moreno, This morning visited two of the educational centers contemplated in the first biennium of said plan: the IES Manuel Tárraga Escribano, from San Pedro del Pinatar, and the José María Lapuerta public school, from Cartagena, to know the start of the works.

One of the priority objectives of the plan is the removal of the construction elements that contain fiber cement in educational centers. It is, therefore, a comprehensive homelessness plan. Specific, in the works of the IES Manuel Tárraga Escribano, which have a budget of 108,314 euros and an execution period of 3 months, the replacement of the fiber cement with the dismantling of the false ceilings is planned, as well as the restitution of the enclosure.

In the case of the school José María Lapuerta, the works will last about two months and have a budget of 127,637 euros. The works in this center are based on the replacement of the fiber cement roofs in three buildings that are part of the buildings that make up the educational center.

In plan, divided into biennia, it includes works to develop in the 20-21 biennium in the municipalities of Caravaca de la Cruz, Cartagena, Cieza, Fortuna, Jumilla, Lorca, Molina de Segura, Mula, Murcia, Pliego, San Pedro del Pinatar and Totana. In total, between 2020 and 2027, 167 actions will be carried out in 161 centers, located in 37 municipalities in the Region, and 113,000 square meters of asbestos will be removed. The actions “comply with the deadline recommended by European regulations”, according to the minister

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