“As a virologist, I hold my breath”

“I wish everyone a good holiday,” begins virologist Marc Van Ranst in the Nieuwsblad. “But as a virologist, I am holding my breath a bit. We have a high vaccination rate, but the risk remains. “

Spain makes a living from tourism and does everything to attract tourists. The Spanish Ministry of Public Health has therefore decided to consider Flanders as a safe region from a health point of view. “It is a decision of Spain, we are suffering from the situation. On the other hand, when I see that we can also go to Portugal without a test, I ask myself questions, especially after the new measures that have been introduced there. It may be lucky that it is far enough away that few of my compatriots go there with their cars. “

Please note that the Passenger Location Form (PLF) remains mandatory. Based on this, it will be determined whether you should be quarantined or not. As for people residing in Brussels or Wallonia, the compulsory vaccination test or certificate still applies.


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