“As a reward they get food” – Hissing texts

ZISCH-INTERVIEW with the trainer of the rescue dog team in the southern Black Forest, Katja Franke, about her special commitment.

Dogs can save lives as rescue dogs. Katja Franke is a trainer for the southern Black Forest rescue dog team and has been to many missions with her four-legged friends. In an interview with Zisch reporter Nina Stefan from class 4 of the Bachheim-Unadingen elementary school in Löffingen, she explains what kind of training these dogs go through.

Hiss: What exactly is the job of the rescue dog?
Franke: Rescue dogs are looking for missing people.
Hiss: How exactly does a rescue work?
Franke: A rescue dog and his handler are always part of a rescue dog squadron. If a person is missing, the rescue dog team is alerted to the search by the police. The police determine where to look. If we find the person, the ambulance will be alerted. The person found is then taken to the hospital by ambulance.
Hiss: What kind of training do dogs need to be in order to become a rescue dog?
Franke: The dogs take the companion dog test. Then you train the dog to look for missing people. Depending on the dog’s talent, different types of searches can be trained. The area search dog searches for missing people in the forest. The rubble search dog searches for missing people in collapsed buildings. The person tracking dog searches for the missing person in the city based on the individual smell.
Hiss: How long does the education last? And how old does the dog have to be at least?
Franke: The dog can start training right away as a puppy. It takes about two to three years until the dog can do his rescue dog test and then go into action with his dog handler with the relay.

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Hiss: Can any dog ​​really become a rescue dog?
Franke: The dog should like people and be physically fit. Nor should he be afraid in the forest, in buildings, in rubble and in the city. And he should like to want to work for his reward.
Hiss: How long can a dog be in use?
Franke: A rescue dog team can be on duty for one to two hours, then it needs a break.
Hiss: Are there a lot of rescue dogs?
Franke: There are various aid organizations that have rescue dog teams. According to statistics, the Federal Association of Rescue Dogs currently has 721 tested rescue dogs in 89 squadrons nationwide.
Hiss: Do the dogs enjoy rescue work? Is that some kind of game for you?
Franke: Rescue dog work must be fun for the dogs, otherwise they would not be looking for missing people. As a reward, the dogs get food, toys and lots of praise.

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