As a result of Sandra Bulloka’s film, people are thrown into a new stupor

People all over the world have started the new year with a new challenge, named after the thriller, in which the main role is played by actress Sandra Bulloka.

“Bird Box Challenge” challenges potential participants to close their eyes – just like the actress does in the film, and try to do completely mundane things. However, in the Internet environment, this has developed into a kind of competition: who will be able to do something riskier with their eyes closed. For example, driving without seeing anything.

In the film, the heroine of Bulloka closes her eyes to herself and her children, because the evil you see can lead to death. You have to learn to trust your feelings. In life, of course, no one is threatened by such a supernatural force;

Punch on the forehead is just such a small thing, but if people start doing things that require vision … Seeing this madness taking over people, Netflix has spread an official announcement on Twitter, making it clear and unambiguous that that it does not support the Bird Box Challenge:

“I can’t believe I have to say it, but: please don’t hurt yourself in this Bird Box challenge game. We don’t know how it all started, and we appreciate love, but the Boy and the Girl have only one wish for 2019 so you don’t end up in the hospital because of this game. ”

In fact, actress Sandra Bulloka herself could educate the thirsty contenders for the challenge by telling how she felt when she had to film with her eyes closed. In a conversation with Yahoo Entertainment, the actress reveals that she has run countless times to an operator who has taken close-ups with a portable camera. “I flipped the camera a couple of times,” Bullock recalls. One of the collisions ended even with a bleeding wound.

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