Artificial insemination: A deceased Valais Saint Bernard becomes a father


Artificial inseminationA deceased Valais Saint Bernard becomes a father

A breeder from Fully had frozen the semen of a dog that had won numerous competitions.

Thanks to the insemination, eight puppies were born, five males and three females.

Facebook/Bernard Leger

Saint Bernard Carlo do Ferrador, from Fully, in Valais, died seven months ago at the age of 10. In mid-September, however, he became the father of eight puppies. His breeder had frozen his semen.

Breeder for forty years, Bernard Léger resorted for the first time in his career to artificial insemination in frozen semen, reports “Le Nouvelliste” this Monday. “It is above all the excellence of Carlo’s genetic material that pushed me to do it, in order to perpetuate and further improve the standard of this breed”, he explains.

The dog inseminated by a veterinarian gave birth on September 18 to eight puppies, five males and three females.

Rare in Switzerland

This type of insemination is rare in Switzerland as in Western Europe, where breeding with natural mating is preferred. The technique is on the other hand used in the United States and in Scandinavia, “because of the too great distances between the dogs concerned to do it in a natural way”, notes the breeder. Which specifies that the procedure is regulated by the Swiss Saint-Bernard Club and the International Cynological Federation.

Bernard Léger stresses that his decision has no economic motive. This was to ensure the quality of the offspring. Carlo do Ferrador, the deceased dog, had indeed won numerous national and international competitions. “Given this track record and his genetic value, I had his sperm collected and stored five years ago. I had no particular objective at the time, but I am now happy to have, somewhere, prolonged his presence among us”, concludes the breeder in the Valais daily.

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