Article: Minister of Education Started the Process of Delivering Computers for Tic Scholarships 2022

The Minister of Education, Marco Antonio Ávila, came to the Raúl Sáez School, in Lo Espejo, accompanied by the mayor of the commune, Javiera Reyes, to start the delivery of notebooks and technological equipment as part of the program ICT Scholarships (Information and Communication Technologies) of JUNAEB.

In total this year they will deliver about 117,000 kits for all students in 7th grade of public education, and students from private subsidized schools that have the Indicator (ID) of vulnerability of the complementary characterization model of the Ministry of Social Development and Family. After the deliveries of the first stage, the dispatch of the equipment corresponding to students benefiting from adult education and with special educational needs will begin.

“What we have learned from the pandemic is that the educational gaps were also deepened when many students, many families, did not have equipment or connectivity. That is why for us it is very important to be delivering this equipment”, said Education Minister Marco Antonio Ávila.

“This is finally what we want to do as a Government, we want the State to reach the people. And how does the State reach people? Through computer equipment, improvement of infrastructure, delivery of pedagogical tools so that teachers can work better every day”, added the minister.

Within the technological accessories that began to be delivered, in addition to notebooks, there is educational material to support the process of the students in various subjects such as language, English; sciences, and mathematics, among others, as well as all the necessary software to be able to study and carry out the work. In addition, they are accompanied by a free unlimited Internet connection for 12 months and a guarantee for the same period, if the computer has a fault.

How to remove the equipment?

The selected students will be contacted by their establishments to be summoned at a specific time to ensure full compliance with health measures, respecting capacity, physical distancing and having the active mobility pass. Only a proxy (parents, older brother or legal guardian) may attend with the student, with the necessary documentation to receive the computer. Regular deliveries will be made between the months of June and August 2022 throughout the country.

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Source: National Board of School Aid and JUNAEB Scholarships

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