Around 50,000 euros for cultural education in Krefeld schools

Around 50,000 euros for cultural education in Krefeld schools

Published on: 07/20/2021

The Krefeld schools of all school types and Krefeld artists have applied for the state program culture and school with various projects for the school year 2021/2022. All 18 projects have been approved and can start after the summer vacation. The total amount of funding from the state government is just under 50,000 euros, with the schools themselves contributing 20 percent of their own. Thanks to the promising offers, children and young people, regardless of their social environment, have access to artistic projects through school. These range from music, dance, painting, design and theater to projects with graffiti design.

For example, the title “Urbanart” hides a graffiti project to beautify the schoolyard. With a project on the subject of acoustics with the title “I hear the grass growing”, the children and young people experience the enriching occupation with culture and art Create – some maybe for the first time. The program is supported for the artists by the city’s cultural office, while the education office is responsible for the administration of funds.


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