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[Epoch Times, June 30, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin) ARON (Guo Yingmin), a member of the popular South Korean boy group NU’EST, who suspended activities on January 2 this year due to psychological disturbance, yesterday (29th) In the evening, a live broadcast called “I have something to say (할말있어요!!)” was opened through V LIVE to report to fans that his health has improved a lot, and the performing arts activities will be officially restarted.

ARON said in the live broadcast that he has something to say to fans, and these words must also be told to everyone, “Don’t worry, it’s good news. Because my health condition is much better now. After discussing with the company and members, I Just from last week’s “Music Bank”, I started participating in the event again. I came back, because I really wanted to talk to LOΛ.E (official fan name) about it, so I started a live broadcast.”

He mentioned that he is very grateful to the fans and sorry for making everyone wait for so long. At the same time, I am very grateful to everyone for their encouragement and support. “Thanks to the blessings of LOΛ.E and the members, I am much better, so I can It’s back”. He also said in English for overseas fans: “I decided to start the activity again. I feel better after the break, so I think it’s time to come back, so I want to open V LIVE today to let you know about it.”

ARON also said that thanks to everyone, his condition has really improved a lot, so fans don’t need to worry too much now, he must also run hard, and he hopes to tell everyone about this in person. He also said that fans should always stay healthy. From now on, he will participate not only in stage performances, but also in other work schedules. ARON also revealed that they have prepared a lot of things.

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In addition, ARON mentioned that NU’EST has performed six songs for a long time. This makes him want to have a concert. He hopes to have a concert with fans and a live audience. He also wants to sing “Shooting Star” with everyone. (반딧별)”.

At the end of the live broadcast, ARON once again stated that he only wanted to personally inform the fans that he would restart the event, “Let’s cheer up together in the future, we will have something delicious for dinner at LOΛ.E, have a good night, and see you soon.” “

Fans from all over the world who learned that ARON is recovering health, wrote “It’s great”, “Thank you for telling us”, “Welcome back”, “I am so glad to hear this news, I hope you are always healthy” Wait for a message.

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