Arne Hjeltnes invested 2.6 million in fish – lost everything


– It is true that the share value has been written down to zero. It is no secret that this was an investment that did not go as planned, Arne Hjeltnes confirms to The online newspaper.

Hjeltnes took an early interest in economics and studied for a master’s degree in economics at BI Norwegian Business School in the 80’s, but did not complete it. He also has a degree in sustainable business management from the University of Cambridge from 2008/2009.

– We gaped too much

In 2017, he contributed a total of NOK 2.6 million to the Norwegian Fish Company, where he was also chairman and founder. This was the same company that Røkke-owned Havfisk withdrew from a few years earlier.

The investments that Hjeltnes’ private company Nan Madol made in Norwegian Fish Company have now evaporated.

– In the light of hindsight, it is easy to see that we should be content with the whitefish line in the beginning. We yawned too much. We underestimated the salmon market. The salmon was too expensive . Now we have reduced our ambitions, but not lost faith, Hjeltnes added iFinnmark at the same time last year. Instead of putting in the years, he rolled up his sleeves and kept going.

Received 50 million in government grants, loans and guarantees

According to Fiskeribladet, Hjeltnes’ company received government grants, direct loans and government guarantees worth NOK 50 million.

“With brask and bram, TV celebrity Arne Hjeltnes in 2017 was to create life in Mehamn in Finnmark. Three years later, the company Finnmark Fisk ends. It did not help with state support or support from friends in the government. The Mehamn adventure ended with stomach spasms, loss of millions and broken dreams “, stated Fiskeribladet in leadership position before the summer.

– The most important thing for me was that there was no bankruptcy

Hjeltnes nevertheless does not express bitterness after the loss of millions, but rather emphasizes that the company Aalesundfisk took over the company so that operations could continue and jobs be retained.

– I have invested many years without pay in this and the most important thing for me was that there was no bankruptcy, so that the community in Mehamn did not lose a cornerstone company. If we had gone bankrupt after Røkke resigned in 2014, I think no one has dared to try in Mehamn for many years, Hjeltnes says to Nettavisen.

Success in TV, business and politics

The enterprising 57-year-old, on the other hand, has had success in the TV channel where most people will remember him as host of the program Gutta på tur with Bjørn Dæhlie, Vegard Ulvang and Arne Brimi. In 1998 and 2000, he was awarded the prize for best presenter during the Golden Route, as well as the Broadcasting Prize for 2003.

According to Wikipedia, Arne Hjeltnes has also been a representative of the Export Committee for fish in Hong Kong, with an area of ​​operation in East Asia, as well as a tourism envoy for Innovation Norway in New York.

He later served as communications director at Marine Harvest, and has for several years been CEO of the communications company Creuna. Hjeltnes is also used as a lecturer and he has written several books.


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