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date of publication:
November 19, 2020 19:39 GMT

Update date: November 20, 2020 1:46 GMT

Argentina’s First Lady, Fabiola Yanez, filed a complaint with the Civil Court in Buenos Aires against Google, accusing the latter of defaming her honor and insulting her by describing demeaning women, in a post

Source: Amina Benevo – Erm News

The first lady of Argentina, Fabiola Yanez, filed a complaint with the civil court in Buenos Aires against the “Google” company, accusing the latter of challenging her honor and insulting her by describing women as contemptuous, in a post that appeared on the search engine on the 12th of November.

Google called the 39-year-old journalist and actress, the wife of Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, as a “thief of the Argentine nation.”

As the First Lady, she undertakes a range of charitable activities, especially with children, and promotes them on her Instagram account, but does not interfere in political activities.

Luis Goldin, the lawyer for the first lady in Argentina, said in a statement that Google had published “a disgraceful address where the name and profession of the first lady was supposed to appear in the information group on the right of the search engine page.”

The complaint stated that “in the dynamic panel of the main search engine on the site, instead of describing her profession, she was described in a defamatory and defamatory manner, as he was supposed to include her full name.”

She asked the justice for “clear and precise details” about how the publication was issued and how long it appeared, as well as the measures taken by the company in this regard.

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