Argentina gives its athletes the green light by training


The Argentine government gave its athletes the green light to return to exercises in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics, which was deported from this summer to the summer of 2021 due to the new Corona virus, according to what it announced Saturday evening, stressing the need to respect health controls.

This measure affects 143 Argentine athletes who guaranteed their qualification for the 2020 Olympic Games, in addition to others who are still seeking to qualify for the Olympiad, which was deported for a year and will be held between July 23 and August 8, 2021.

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez said he is working in particular with Tourism and Sports Minister Matthias Lameens to amend the health protocols that will be implemented.

“Olympic sport is very important for the country and we want athletes to train. That is why we set the protocols with Matthias (Lamines) so that our representatives in Tokyo can prepare,” Fernandes told local sports channel TYC.

Argentina has recorded 20,020 cases of the “Covid-19” virus, which has so far killed 648 people in the country, according to the Argentine government’s website on the Internet.

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