“Are you asking me what I believe?”

Rosalía continues to reap successes around the globe with her tour Motomami World Tourwhat is causing a furor among his followers, as well as praise, which he receives thanks to his original staging.

The Catalan is in a plethoric moment, after having turned 30 since, apart from the great reception of your show, He has seven Latin Grammy nominations, hot on the heels of Bad Bunny who has ten.

These are the concerts where the artist truly connects with her audience and, in them, captivates her followers even more if possible, so much so that one of them has ventured to perform a daring proposition.

The motomami was performing her last show in Toronto, Canada, when suddenly one of his fans threw one at him little box on stage.

The interpreter of despise, with the naturalness and closeness that characterize her, she did not hesitate to bend down, pick up the box and open it to see what it was about. Inside it was an engagement ring heart shaped

With a surprised face, Rosalía asked: “Are you asking me what I think you’re asking me?” While holding the typical camera of his concerts, which is projected on the screen in the center of the stage, so that no attendee would miss the moment.

“Where is Fanny? Fanny? Fanny?” the singer commented in search of who gave her the jewel. “Fanny, I love you so much, I’ll wait, But I’m not ready, okay?

“Well I’m going to tell you something, just for tonight, okay? so this song is for my fiancee Fanny, this song is for you”, Rosalía finished the incredible anecdote.

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