Are there any risks in using the TikTok app?


“Like many apps, Tiktok collects personal data. It does this through two methods. First, by the registration form that everyone fills in knowingly by providing their name, age and photo, for example. Then in a more discreet way, via integrated third-party software that is installed on the phone to obtain information such as the location of the user.

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On this kind of free application, the income of which is largely derived from advertising, this data is then sold and analyzed, in order to determine the behavior and needs of each person, in order to influence them in the long term.

The important thing is to be transparent with users

It is important to specify that the legality of these methods is not based on the use of the data but on the transparency vis-à-vis users. Since the implementation of the GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation), registration on this type of platform is necessarily conditional on the acceptance, by any user, of the privacy policy which includes these devices. collection. However, what we reproach TikTok, it is especially the fact of practicing this collection from minors – a large part of the users – who indulge easily while ignoring the consequences of the slightest box checked or publication. Especially since the principle of TikTok is based on a very particular content which is the filmed staging of the users, where the face and the body are often exposed. Following complaints and convictions, the app seems to have been quite responsive. She now asks for consent from a legal representative. But it is still very easy to circumvent this regulation.

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And while TikTok’s methods are correctly set out in its privacy policy, some elements are not detailed enough, such as the nature of the data collected. For example, I imagine that very few users know that the content of their private messages is analyzed in detail by TikTok, whereas this is no longer really tolerated today. Finally, you should know that the risk of piracy is very high. The more data and transfers, the less secure personal information is from hackers. However, TikTok retains an enormous amount of data, due to its 800 million active users worldwide. And no one knows where this data is kept.

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When using this app it is therefore clear that part of his privacy is being shared and sold. But it is also clear that the user consents, in principle. It is therefore important that the teenager knows that he can deactivate geolocation, block access to certain parts of his phone and, simply, control the nature of his publications. Finally, it is above all about making conscious and reasoned use of TikTok. “


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