Are 60% of high school students satisfied, as Jean-Michel Blanquer asserts? – Release

The Minister of National Education welcomed Wednesday before the Senate the rate of adhesion of high school students to the reform of general and technological high school.

High school students would be satisfied with the new bac formula, according to Jean-Michel Blanquer. On Wednesday, the Minister of National Education answered a series of questions put to the Senate by Senator Colette Mélot (Agir group) on the reform of the general and technological high school. As a reminder, the three streams – L, ES and S – have been gradually phased out in favor of teaching by “specialties”. The examination methods have also evolved with in particular a greater part of continuous assessment and the passage of a large oral of twenty minutes.

“Madam Senator Colette Mélot, in reality, you are asking me four questions, indicated the minister. I thank you, because they go to the heart of the challenges of this reform, the keyword of which is freedom. This is precisely why it is appreciated by high school students: opinion surveys prove it, their satisfaction rate is around 60% at this stage. “

Mostly unfavorable teachers

Contacted, the ministry indicates to CheckNews what “The minister refers to a September 30 poll, carried out by OpinionWay for the student Figaro and Inseec-U, showing that 58% of high school students are in favor of the reform of the bac ”. In detail, this survey was conducted online in September. Three samples of people were interviewed, namely 501 high school students in first and general terminal, 502 parents of students and 104 teachers in first and general terminal. At the question : “In general, are you in favor or against this reform?” 53% of high school students answered that they were “Rather favorable” and 5% “Completely favorable”. Conversely, 34% say they are “Rather unfavorable” and 8% “Completely unfavorable”, or 42% of negative responses. Note that teachers are mostly unfavorable to the reform (71%) while parents are divided.

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More recently, a survey on “The opinion of high school students and parents of students on the baccalaureate”, conducted by Ifop for Maïf and Rue des écoles in March, also asked students about their perception of the reform. Note that this survey was carried out by “Self-administered online questionnaire from February 12 to 17 with a sample of 1,003 people, representative of the high school population aged 15 and over and a sample of 1,020 people, representative of the French population aged 15 and over. 18 years and over living in mainland France ”. The students of vocational and agricultural high schools also questioned within the framework of this study are not concerned by the reform of the general bac.

Lack of information

Regarding precisely this new formula bac, Ifop “Observes a form of pragmatism tinged with ambivalence in the way high school students perceive the“ new bac ”: tailor-made, two-thirds consider it more advantageous for further studies (67%); less readable, it is only an advantage in finding a job for half of high school students (52%). Continuous assessment, meanwhile, is perceived by three quarters as fairer and easier than the classic baccalaureate exams but, at the same time, 58% predict that it will reinforce inequalities between high schools, a fear which rises to 67 % in priority education and 66% in Ile-de-France… ” As for specialty education, the proportion of satisfied high school students is predominant.

The first year high school students and the children of workers and employees are more represented among the third of students questioned who do not appreciate their options. “This dissatisfaction seems to be very correlated with the lack of information felt by these students when choosing their specialty courses: 30% of first and final year students say they have been poorly informed about the available subjects and their outlets. Here again, children of workers and employees (41%) and high school students who find the bac more difficult than before (45%) are over-represented ”, observes Ifop.

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