Arcep is increasing its requirements for fixed flow measurements with tools like Perf


Arcep is increasing its requirements for fixed flow measurements with tools like Perf

More reliable flow measurements for better informed consumers, this is the objective of Arcep, which is thus increasing its requirements with regard to speedtest tools. The regulator wants even more transparency.

Better information for users about the fixed speeds to which they can claim. Here is the will of Arcep. The telecoms regulator has been pushing since 2018 for the implementation of an API in the Internet boxes of operators, in order to make the measures more reliable. It has also set up a code of good conduct for speedtest tools such as our partner nPerf or Speedtest UFC-Que Choisir (developed by UFC-Que Choisir).

More transparent and robust protocols

With a view to ever more reliable measurements, Arcep is revising its demands on measurement tools. “More transparency and robustness for test protocols and publication of results”, indicates the regulator, speaking of the 2020 version of its Code of Conduct, which results from a new work cycle with more than 20 actors.

It is therefore planned to provide more details on the factors that may have an impact on the flow measurement. The version of the operating system or the characteristics of the Wi-Fi, for example. “(They) can have a strong influence on the measurement of quality of service”, emphasizes the administrative authority.

It is also a question of shedding light on the median value of certain parameters such as latency, which can have an impact for certain uses such as online gaming. “This information is indeed more relevant than the average to reflect the user experience, especially in the case where there are extreme values ​​in the measured results”, points out Arcep.

In addition, Arcep wants the introduction of a minimum capacity for the test servers, in order to avoid tests being limited by these servers. Still on the server side, the regulator asks to display the ability to perform IPV6 tests, the protocol used being able to impact the measurements.

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