Approach the mystery of the mysterious “national treasure”! Space-time traveler separate volume “World of Birds and Beasts Caricature All Four Volumes Thorough Dissection” is now on sale!

San-ei Co., Ltd. has released a separate volume “The World of Birds and Beasts Caricatures: Thorough Anatomy”. The most famous picture scroll in Japan, the national treasure “Choju-Giga”. A book that approaches the mystery of the caricature drawn in a picture scroll with a total length of about 44 m.

When, where, and who drew it-a mysterious “bird and beast caricature”. Everyone has probably seen the scene of the instep roll, in which animals such as rabbits, frogs, and monkeys play around freely. After 800 years, we will approach the charm of all four volumes of this national treasure picture scroll that continues to fascinate people.


First Special Feature All about Choju-Giga


A total of 4 volumes with a total length of 44 meters <>. Follow all the scenes of the whole volume, from famous scenes to lesser-known hidden highlights. What was drawn in “Choju-Giga”? Unravel the whole picture of the national treasure picture scroll.

[Komaki]Rabbit and frog sumo wrestling, rabbit and frog chasing a monkey, etc. are the most famous and popular among all four volumes.
[Otsumaki]The first half is an animal that lives in Japan, and the second half is a volume that features animals that do not live in Japan and fantasy animals.
[Hei Maki]The first half consists of a portrait caricature and the second half consists of an animal caricature. The portrait and animal caricatures were drawn on the front and back of the paper.
[Cho-maki]People-centered, anthropomorphic animals do not appear at all. The motifs of Komaki and Hinoe are inherited.

Since all the drawings of all four volumes are posted, you can see the detailed depiction and the flow at a glance, and there are one-point explanations in each place, which is a hint to understand the bird and beast caricature.

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Second special feature: The charm of bird and beast caricatures that can be understood with five themes


When, where, who, and for what. We will explore the mystery and charm of “Choju-Giga” with five themes.

Third Special Feature Kozanji Temple, Jingoji Temple, Koun Toki-Visit the land related to Choju-Giga


A treasured picture book. A mysterious picture book that is also symbolized by its secretary. Who drew it where? In order to find clues, he embarks on a journey around the three mountains associated with “caricatures”, including Kozanji Temple, which is the owner of the temple.

Fourth Special Feature The world of medieval picture scrolls unraveled by the technique of picture scrolls


Explains the method and features of each work, focusing on picture scrolls drawn at the same time as “Choju-Giga”. Read what the picture scrolls were like to the people of the Middle Ages.

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