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Lima, March 1, 2021. The shortlisted of the 18-2021 Scholarship contest will have two opportunities to win one of the 5,000 scholarships to study a career in the best universities, institutes or schools of higher education in the country, since now the contest will have two application moments, the Program reported National Scholarships and Educational Credit (Pronabec) of the Ministry of Education.

The application of the first moment ends this March 1. After the correction and validation of the files, the list of winners will be announced as of March 15. As for the second moment, the application will be from March 23 to April 30, the list of selected winners will be known on May 17.

Another novelty that the contest brings, after the modification of its bases, is that in the first moment of application, 40% of the scholarships (2,000 scholarships) will be awarded and in the second, the remaining 60% (3,000 scholarships). It is important to note that applicants who are not selected in the first moment, will have the opportunity to apply in the second moment. That is, they will have two chances to win the scholarship.

Ana Núñez, director of the Pronabec Scholarship Management Office, explained that the decision to divide the competition into two stages, extending the application until April 30, is mainly due to the fact that the admission processes of most of the Institutions of Eligible Higher Education (HEI) will take place between March and April. As is known, to apply for Scholarship 18, the shortlisted must have proof of admission to an eligible HEI.

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“We want the shortlisted to have more options to choose where to study their higher education. As there is a second application period in the Beca 18 contest, we are extending the deadline for talents to apply until April 30, until that date most of the IES will have already concluded their admission processes, “he explained.

With this novelty, the 30,381 shortlisted from the contest will be allowed to choose the HEIs and careers with the best educational quality and the highest expected returns. In addition, the opportunity to participate in the second moment is offered to those who still do not have proof of income.

Likewise, exceptionally, due to the state of health and national emergency, the applicant who is unable to endorse his / her school certificate at the corresponding UGEL may present the scanned document only with the signature and seal of the director of the educational institution. After the award of the scholarships, a subsequent examination of said documents will be carried out.

Other novelties

If all the scholarships offered are not covered in the first moment of application, they are redistributed in the second, in strict order of merit and according to the selection procedure contemplated in the contest rules. This, provided that said redistribution does not imply exceeding the initially programmed budget.

If the number of selected applicants is less than the scholarships available in each group of HEIs (universities and pedagogical institutes, technological institutes and higher education schools), the vacated scholarships may be redistributed among the non-selected applicants from the other group of HEIs, in strict order of merit, provided that this redistribution does not imply exceeding the initially programmed budget.

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For more information, we invite the shortlisted of the Beca 18-2021 contest to review the contest rules published on the website They can also contact Pronabec through, the free line 080 00 00 18 or the telephone exchange (01) 612 82 30.

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