Apple Map supports speed camera function for the first time! Available after the new version of iOS 14 is updated

Driving is most afraid of encountering a speed camera. If you are not careful, you will lose blood in your wallet. In the new version of iOS14, Apple has officially incorporated the speed camera function into Apple Map, which can remind drivers to pay attention to the speed camera when driving.

Update iOS to the latest version, navigate on the Apple Map, and you can see the location of the speed camera.

This is a new feature incorporated in iOS 14.4.2. In Apple Map, a yellow speed camera icon will appear. When using Apple Map to navigate, a warning will be issued to remind driving before passing the speed camera. Apple Carplay connected to the car will also be displayed on the central control screen in the car.

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At present, the Apple Map speed camera only has warning reminders, and does not inform the speed limit function of the road section.

For Apple CarPlay owners, using Apple Map is more versatile and powerful.

However, this speed camera function only reminds the driver that there is a speed camera in front of him, and does not inform the speed limit of the road section. Drivers must pay attention to the roadside speed limit warning signs by themselves.

In addition, it has not yet supported inter-area speed measurement. Perhaps it has just begun to be imported. Therefore, the information is not complete enough and it still needs to be further updated by Apple.

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