Apple AirTag, Apple’s item trackers saved a dog from a flood

The AirTag di Applethe item tracker launched last April, they are proving to be a very useful tool not only for finding lost items, but also for save human and animal lives. After discovering that the AirTags have foiled a stalking attempt in the United States, now comes the story of Let us sitand Sheepdog rescued from flood in California thanks to Cupertino item trackers.

Apple AirTag: the device that can save lives

ABC reported the news, explaining that Seamus, a year-old Australian Shepherd, is ended up in a drain, a rainwater drainage system, after leaving the master during a walk. The flow of water flowing into the drain had been very rapid due to a storm and Seamus was quickly separated from his owner. The dog is managed to swim back to dry land to one of the drain’s banks, but still risked becoming trapped in the sewage system.

Fortunately, theAirTag embedded in the collar by Seamus allowed its owner to quickly identify its location, alerting i County Fire Departmentwho have it recovered safely within hours. According to the rescuers, “The AirTag and its ID Tag helped us track the puppy down and reunite him with his owner.”

In all of this, however, it is important to note that being based on technology Bluetooth, they do not have built-in GPS tracking and therefore are not suitable for monitoring the movements of an animal or a child once you get out of range the connection between the smartphone and the item tracker.

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