Applause and recognition for ten times courage: ten nursing assistants passed their exams


News from 09/15/2020

Successful exams in difficult times: ten young people passed their exams in Nursing Aid (KPH) today at St. Vincenz Hospital. It is the second KPH course that the BILDUNGSWERKstadt team trained and led to the exam with good results: ?? Always something special, that always opens the heart ??, says Academy Director Sibylle Schnurr, the newly qualified nursing assistant congratulated together with nursing director Martina Weich on her exam.

Award from the chairman of the St. Vincenz Hospital Foundation and former mayor of Limburg, Martin Richard: Jale Cark and Paul Leber both did the best with a grade point average of 1.5. Photos: private

Limburg. Some graduates start their professional life directly at St. Vincenz. The fact that some of the graduates decided to complete the three-year training as a nurse was particularly touching for the team at the Academy for Health Professions.

The words of course leader Margitta Schneider, who paid tribute to her protégés and? Proud and relieved at the same time? congratulated. The twelve months of training are more than just the sum of all subjects, apprenticeships and practical assignments: ?? With the exam you are now in a position to take on the challenge of caring for people ??, says the nursing teacher. She appealed to the graduates to always show understanding and patience for the patients.

?? Ten times courage ?? this is not a matter of course! With these words the Medical Director of the St. Vincenz Hospital, Privatdozent Dr. Michael Fries, the graduate for the exam. The young people are brave because they have chosen a social profession. Fries congratulated on behalf of all the doctors at St. Vincenz: “Good medicine can only succeed when courageous people work together and are in dialogue,” said the Medical Director. The chairman of the St. Vincenz Hospital Foundation, Martin Richard, emphasized that the completion of the training is not the end, but the basis and starting point for new orientations and professional development: “In the healthcare sector in particular, we need people to get involved,” said Richard .

Nursing assistants have a wide range of possible jobs: hospitals, nursing homes and institutions for the disabled, or health and rehabilitation clinics. Nursing assistance means nursing and caring for sick people and people in need of care under the guidance and responsibility of nursing staff. As with all care professions, enjoying working with people is a very important prerequisite for learning this profession. The nursing assistant is the assistant to the nurse and is deployed in ward, functional and other areas of the health system. Already during their practical training, the graduates get to know medical specialties and their special care situations. During the 900 hours of practical training, they will be deployed at various stations in the St. Vincenz Clinics in Limburg or Diez. In addition, there is a use in outpatient care. Graduating in nursing assistance opens up many further development opportunities for graduates? for example, the qualification in nursing assistance also fulfills the admission requirements for training as a nurse. More information: 06431.28 588 10 or at [email protected]

The new nursing assistants are:

Stella Rebecca Leeanna Baxendale (Flacht), Larissa Biehl (Hahnstätten), Jale Cark (Altendiez), Gentiana Dibriani (Siershahn), Lenas Hassoun (Hahnstätten), Yusuf Jemal (Limburg), Paul Leber (Limburg), Katharina Agneta Seibel (Runkel) , Büsra Tek (Hadamar) and Nasib Yousefzaio (Diez). Jale Clark and Paul Leber both passed the best exams with an average grade of 1.5 and received a voucher from the St. Vincenz Hospital Foundation, presented by Chairman Martin Richard. (PM)

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