Any dog ​​can be forced to wear a muzzle if it does not pass this test

So far, in spain, only some dogs had to wear a muzzle (those that were misnamed as “potentially dangerous”). However, the Animal Welfare Law changes the landscape and establishes that all dogs, regardless of their breed, must pass a sociability test or exam with which to verify that they are social animals, not aggressive or reactive. Consequently, it becomes clear that it is education and not genetics that determines whether a furry person can behave well or badly.

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It is on page 11 of the bill that it is specified that it will be excluded “the determination of dangerousness based solely on membership in a given race.” Further on, it is indicated that “Law 50/1999, of December 23, on the Legal Regime of Possession of Potentially Dangerous Animals is repealed.” Consequently, potentially dangerous dog breeds no longer exist.

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Consequently, if the following dogs pass the sociability test they should not call muzzle: Pitbull; Staffordshire; bull terriers; American Staffordshire Terrier Rottweiler; Argentine Dogo; Brazilian Row; Akita Inu, and Tosa Inu. It is understood that they are well socialized dogs during their puppyhood stage and that, therefore, they behave perfectly in society.

Test or sociability test

In addition to the test (more specifically training course) that owners have to take to be considered as suitable people to own a dog, furry ones also have to pass their own behavior test.

In any case, it should be noted thatl text does not specify what the tests will consist of of socialization, nor who will carry them out. What is indicated is the following: “The holders together with their dogs must carry out a test to assess their ability to function in the social sphere” (Article 30 of the Draft).

However, it is likely to be similar to the test currently carried out by the Royal Canine Society (RSCE). We are talking about a compound exam two tests. One in which the behavior of the dog is evaluated in a closed circuit and another in an urban environment.

If your dog does not pass the testit is understood that is not “fit” to interact with other dogs and other people without wearing a muzzle for posing or representing “a possible danger”.

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