Antwerp police chases illegal street racers in the wheels | NOW

The Belgian police intervened on Saturday evening after continuing nuisance due to illegal street races in Antwerp. Authorities handed out hundreds of fines and seized four cars.

The illegal races had been causing nuisance in the Luchtbal district for some time, according to the police. Those present also did not adhere to the corona measures.

“Because previous police interventions regularly turned into a game of cat and mouse with those present, the teams from the North region decided to set up a targeted action,” the police reported.

A helicopter, a dog team, the mobile unit and the criminal investigation department were called in for this targeted action. Officers closed off a parking lot where the car enthusiasts had gathered.

“Both drivers and ‘spectators’ were checked and fined by the police as they left the place. In total, it was about 450 people,” police said.


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