Anticipations Una Vita, Maite beaten in prison: surprising ending

The advances of Una Vita give a very bad ending for Maite who is in prison following arrest before escaping


Meanwhile Love is in jail, Camino he does everything to free his true love from prison bars, where he does not live in a serene situation. Thanks to freed ed Emilio, the Pasamar finally manages to meet his beloved, but makes a terrible discovery: she has been beaten.

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Ad Acacias there is a great return: Susana ed Armando they return to the city, but the two are oblivious to everything that is happening. Self Susana she is disgusted by the situation, Armando she is willing to do anything to save her niece and faces hard Felicia. To the latter, a pact is proposed: if he can get out Love from prison, Camino he will have to marry Ildefonso and leave Acacias.

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Anticipations Una Vita, Ildefonso takes Maite out of prison

Anticipations One Life
Maite Ildefonso and Camino (@Twitter)

Camino e freed they find that to have reported Love she is a washerwoman, Concha, who swears she wasn’t paid for the phone call to the police Acacias, once reached by the two who want to see clearly. The washerwoman says her daughter would also be ‘manipulated’ by Love and for this she was denounced. However, Camino he can’t help but believe that his mother has a hand.

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Incredibly Ildefonso goes to the woman to convince her to withdraw the complaint e Love gets out of prison. The latter will be forced to leave the city and Camino to settle for a life with the man who freed his beloved.

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