Anti-vaccine mom kicked her son out of the house for being vaccinated against covid

While the vast majority of governments and all health experts call for vaccinations to end the scourge of the Covid pandemic, there are still some who fight immunizations without any argument.

A dramatic case is that made by a teenager who uploaded a video to social networks of when he tells his mother that he received the first dose of the covid vaccine.

The woman is anti-vaccine and explodes in anger when the young man named Nick James tells her that he has started the immunization process, in the United Kingdom.

In a video called “Mom is angry: I got the first peck” on his TikTok account, the young man became a viral phenomenon.

The dialogue

In the registry you can see when the teenager asks: “What would you do if I told you that I already had my first puncture, Mom?”

And immediately the mother’s warning came: “You better not have done it, because I will fight with you.”

The young man explained that he was indeed vaccinated and tells him why: “I mean, I won’t be able to travel soon if I don’t have my vaccinations.”

The woman then asked him: “Did you get vaccinated? Go ahead if you did ”.

Nick reacted: “What? Get out of the house? And the mother replied that “yes, I told you that if you did I would fight with you.”

In the networks, the adolescent received wide support and many chose to make fun of the woman.

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