Anti-Covid-19 gels: at least 65% alcohol content

An everyday accessory to fight against Covid-19, the hydroalcoholic gel must contain at least 65% alcohol to maintain its effectiveness, said the French French health security agency. The vials must also be closed tightly.

The national food safety agency (ANSES) wondered if “a product kept for several months at the bottom of a bag or in a dosing pump dispenser at the entrance of a building” would keep its efficiency, she said on Wednesday.

She compared a 100 ml pocket bottle, used once a week for five months, and a 5 liter refill can, opened every day for 15 minutes for a 200 ml transfer and stored for 5 weeks.

Two types of bottles with metering pumps were also tested: one of 500 ml used moderately every 2 hours over three weeks and another of a liter intended for a store entrance, with intensive use, every 5 minutes. over three days.

Less hermetic metering pumps

Result: “only products in a bottle with a metering pump, used moderately, have seen their alcohol content decrease, by 5 to 10% in three weeks”, according to ANSES.

“Metering pumps are less airtight than caps. Alcohol evaporates more easily,” noted Catherine Gourlay-Francé, deputy director at ANSES, quoted in the press release.

For the agency, it is therefore necessary “to choose the type of container most suited to the frequency of use, reserving the bottles fitted with a pump for frequent use”. You must also “choose your hydroalcoholic product well”, because, notes ANSES, all gels are “not specifically designed to be effective against coronaviruses”.

It therefore recommends using products “having an alcohol concentration (ethanol or isopropanol) of at least 65%” which “eliminate more than 99.9% of enveloped viruses, including coronaviruses”.

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ANSES recommends verifying the presence on the labels of the words “virucide according to standard EN 14476” or “hydroalcoholic solution recommended by the WHO for hand antisepsis” or “hydroalcoholic gel for hand antisepsis”.

And ANSES adds some common sense recommendations: store away from heat and sunlight, close the container tightly and do not exceed the date of use, use quickly, if the bottle is fitted with a dosing pump. , and clean with soap and water if reusing the bottle.

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