Anouk Smulders on board during a KLM flight: ‘terrible’


Anouk tells De Telegraaf that the fighters were only a few rows behind her, her husband Edwin and their children, on the other side of the aisle. “At some point they started to challenge people and one of them pushed a woman. Her husband went completely crazy and he pumped him full on his nose. The blood gushed out.”

It was a good shock for the Smulders family. Her children even shouted that they wanted to get off the plane. “During the landing, one of the bare-chested men walked down the aisle. His body was covered with blood. He really challenged everyone.”

Eventually, the man ran into someone who wouldn’t let them run over him. Then an even bigger brawl ensued. “It’s really like being in a bad movie, it’s terrible.”

Some images of the brawl can be seen below.

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