Another “high school goddess” is on fire. After completing four years of credits in his sophomore year, he won 420,000 scholarships in his senior year.

Original title: Another “high school goddess” is on fire. After completing four years of credits in the second year, he won 420,000 scholarships in the fourth year.


How should I spend four years in college? This seems to be a question with no standard answer, but from the perspective of people who have passed by, university is only the starting point of life. The key to determining the starting height lies in how the four years of university are spent.

Some students have been very relaxed in the four years of university, studying so-so, socializing so-so, and focusing on playing games and falling in love for chasing dramas. Although they did not live up to their youth, they saw other students get offers from large companies and postgraduate admission notices during the graduation season. , Civil servants’ entry quotas, etc., will always feel a bit disappointing.

On the contrary, some classmates had a very tiring four years in university, working hard and working harder than when preparing for the college entrance examination. They seemed to have failed their beautiful youth, but by the graduation season, these classmates had a bright future. Life in the future is basically destined to be brilliant.

Another “high school goddess” became popular, a “cow” with a resume in capitals‍

Some people think that beautiful girls don’t like to learn, and girls who love to learn are not pretty enough. As everyone knows, in many key universities in our country, there are many girls with good looks and strong learning ability. These girls have a unified The name is called “Goddess of High School”.

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Another college goddess became popular on the Internet. This goddess is not ordinary. Not only was admitted to a prestigious school, but also ranked in the top 15 in the country in terms of comprehensive strength. The first batch was selected for the 985 project, and the strength of the Northwest region ranked first. The cutting-edge university “Xi’an Jiaotong University”.

This girl named Li Guangya, from Anhui Province, not only passed the excellent college entrance examination scores, was successfully admitted to Xi’an Jiaotong University, she also performed very well during the university, and her learning ability was quite outstanding. She completed four years of university credits in her sophomore year. The three-year comprehensive performance ranks second in the grade. When he was a senior, he was awarded the highest single scholarship of 420,000 yuan in the first “Yue Jie Program” and won many foreign honors.

This kind of university experience is really excellent. A student who has won so many honors during one university time, after graduation, where do you need to worry about work? During the four years of university, Li Guangya was obsessed with studying and couldn’t help himself. Opportunities to study abroad in prestigious foreign schools, it is said that in her freshman year, Oxford University sent her an invitation.

Through two overseas study tours, Li Guangya has not only become stronger in learning ability, but also broadened his horizons. Today, Li Yaguang is not only the “goddess” of Xi’an Jiaotong University, but also an outstanding pacesetter, outstanding graduates, and a lot of students. The role model, Li Guangya’s four-year university plan, is completely worthy of imitating and copying by students.

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Li Yaguang’s four-year university plan is worthy of imitation and reference

Unlike many “young and ignorant” college entrance examination candidates, students who can enter prestigious schools often have a bigger picture and a more long-term thinking. Li Yaguang is such a girl who knows that four years of university is the starting point, not the end of life. It is far from enough to be admitted to Xi’an Jiaotong University.

From the beginning of entering university, Li Yaguang has made a plan for his four years of university, clearly planning where the focus of each year of the four years is, such as freshman for hard study, lay the foundation for the future; for sophomore To improve comprehensive ability, you can participate in various activities of schools and clubs; the junior year focuses on exchange projects and internships.

With such a clear plan, Li Yaguang’s college career is brilliant. If this plan is continued, his future life should be brilliant. Li Yaguang did indeed do this. Not only did he make a plan for the four years of college, but also Made relevant plans for future career development.

The 2022 college students can collect this kind of “university planning blueprint” first, and they can use their fists after entering the university.

The beauty and talent are gathered together, and the heart is firm and admirable‍

Li Yaguang, an outstanding graduate of Xi’an Jiaotong University, has not only a brilliant life experience in more than 20 years, but also a very good appearance. Although he is not the type of experienced beauty, his facial features are decent, coupled with the assistance of high education and excellent professional knowledge. It is completely “shining” in the crowd.

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Not only is Li Yaguang’s university planning blueprint worth learning, he is also more admirable. After all, planning well is one thing, and being able to follow the plan unswervingly is another matter.

I believe that when the university first entered the university, most of the students’ plans for the future were serious study, postgraduate entrance examinations, and finding a good job. However, with the development of university life, coupled with the attraction of various leisure, entertainment, and social activities around them, Many students surrendered one after another, and they failed to stick to the various plans they had made.

In fact, in the four years of university, you might as well try to be a “lonely” person. This loneliness is not about not being in contact with others, nor not being out of the group, but about being outside of the team and keeping your own heart. After all, Everyone’s needs are different.

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