Another Austrian Airlines flight received permission from Russia to bypass Belarus – Economy and business

VIENNA, May 29. / TASS /. A Saturday passenger flight of the Austrian airline Austrian Airlines received permission from Russia to operate a flight from Vienna to Moscow on an alternative route that does not pass through the airspace of Belarus. As a representative of this air carrier told TASS, the company is confident that further flights will also receive permission on a daily basis. Previously, only Friday flights were allowed in this direction.

“We have received permission to carry out today’s flight on an alternative route. Thus, we can make the planned flight from Vienna to Moscow and back. Everything is in order,” said a spokesman for Austrian Airlines.

According to her, there is still no permission for further flights on this route, but the company is confident that it will receive it. Such permission is issued on a daily basis, she explained. “After we have succeeded now, we are confident that we will receive permission for further such flights,” the agency’s interlocutor said.

In addition, the air carrier received permission to operate a flight to Chinese Nanjing, which bypasses Belarus. “This flight is already on its way,” said the representative of the air carrier.

As reported by TASS in Austrian Airlines, on Friday Russia granted permission to the airline to operate a passenger flight from Vienna to Moscow on an alternative route bypassing the airspace of Belarus after the airline was forced to cancel the same flight on Thursday due to the lack of permission from Moscow. For the same reason, the transport flight from Vienna to Nanjing was not able to take off on Thursday. There was no authorization for onward flights from Vienna on the alternative route.

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Along with other European airlines, Austrian Airlines suspended flights over the airspace of Belarus on the basis of the recommendation of the European Aviation Safety Agency in connection with the decision of the EU summit, which followed the incident with the emergency landing on 23 May in Minsk of the plane of the Irish company Ryanair. In this regard, the change in the route of flights from Vienna to Moscow and Nanjing through Russia requires prior approval from the Russian side, the airline said.

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