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History and writing are my passion and my best qualities. Especially for companies, the importance of history cannot be overestimated today. Because in a time characterized by upheavals, globalization, standardization and fast pace, history is a valuable building block for the company’s own positioning in the market , creative, informative and emotional preparation of company and cultural history (s) in different areas. From text and editing work for companies, authors and agency projects, research services to web services for the cultural and creative industries, I offer a comprehensive portfolio of historical services.
A particular focus of my work is writing. Because historians are not only familiar with history. Good research and a well-founded and generally understandable writing of the researched results are also part of the tools of every good historian. For this reason, a clerk’s office has been one of my services for several years. I advise, conceptualize, research and create your texts for websites, social media channels, product descriptions, advertising, specialist magazines, newspapers and magazines, PR and public relations and lectures in the online and offline area. Because captivating, well-researched and informative texts are the key to success. You win people not only with deeds, but also with words. Text touches, enchants and seduces. Where the visual limits are set, words awaken lively sensory impressions, words seduce to buy, informative texts ensure interest and emotional words for identification and identity. In addition to history, politics and society, my focus here is on animals, travel, lifestyle, cinema, film, gastronomy and food – in the website area, especially for company websites, I am open to all topics and have already worked here for service and insurance companies labeled profitable websites. Nothing is impossible! I look forward to every contact!

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In summary I offer:

  • Historical services related to company history (s)
  • Research services, editing and proofreading
  • Science communication (historical-political educational projects (advice, conceptual design, (technical) implementation, writing and publication of the results in exhibitions, catalogs, magazines and on websites and in social media)
  • Culture digitization (consulting, web services, social media services)
  • Text work: storytelling for companies and agency projects, texts for websites, blogs, newsletters, social media, product descriptions, campaigns, advertisements, posters, brochures, magazines and (specialist) journals, lectures and seminars

References will be made available on request.
I look forward to every contact!


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