Anne Hathaway’s Transformation for HBO’s “The Witches”


Transformation of Anne Hathaway for

Anne Hathaway’s Transformation for HBO’s “The Witches” | .

On October 22, the new HBO movie “The witchesWith Anne Hathaway, in which her transformation to play the elder witch was surprised.

This 90s remake has surprised users of the platform, since it was announced a few months ago everyone started talking about it, luckily the wait is finally over.

Anne Hathaway Through her official Instagram account, she shared a video, although it is only a few seconds the actress quickly appears showing a small part of her transformation.

The 1990 film continues to this day to bring nightmares not only to children but also to some adults who saw it from an early age, especially the main character of the witches, the leader of the “coven” at the era was played by Oscar winner winner Anjelica Huston.

Since the first images of the appearance of the great witch of this 2020 came out, netizens immediately began to draw comparisons to the character played by Huston, claiming that this new version was lacking in some terrifying elements compared to the film of years. 90. ´s.

On the other hand, other netizens have come to defend this remake, claiming that if in our time the character of the older witch made us tremble with fear when we were only children, maybe it would happen. same thing with this new version, so it is not. there was a point of comparison between one and the other.

Anne Hathaway He engaged him in a process of about an hour and a half, so that they could make a model of his head and be able to pretend through makeup and cosmetic prosthetics that he was bald, also adding sores on the face. head due to itching caused by the wig. the character was wearing, in order to achieve this he had to go through this process which apparently only happened once because from there a mold was taken for his head.

Unlike the great witch from the first movie Anne Hathaway No mask is removed, the process is easier thanks to the digital age of technology, his character had special effects in the corners of his mouth, you could say this is the most terrifying thing about the great witch, in the other characteristics they coincide They have no hair and they do not have toes, an advantage they added for this new version is that all witches only have claws on their hands.

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Octavia Spencer played the character of the grandmother in this new version, she is a healer, although there were some variations with the first one. film, some Internet users will surely like to see this movie on Halloween.

Over the years, horror movies as well as the characters who a while ago just hearing their names have caused us nightmares, unfortunately for some these have ceased to be characters. terrifying and monstrous like the 90s.

Comparisons between werewolves and vampires have been made, one of the great examples is the Twilight saga, so from there the new horror characters claim “they’re not scary” like before, maybe it is. -be for this reason that Internet users make these comments on Anne Hathaway and his character in “The Witches”.

If you haven’t seen HBO’s new installment “The Witches” you will surely be surprised when you do, we invite you to see Huston’s version first and make your own comparisons, surely one of the two will become your favorite.

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