Animato MuSica Premium Concert vol.6 “Ravel Poulenc Violin Sonata All Songs” to be Held Tickets Released at Confetti | Long Lamp Running Co., Ltd. Press Release

Tickets will be on sale at Confetti from 0:00 on Thursday, June 23rd.

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A series of all chamber music songs by participants of the “Adult Study Group” workshop for musicians sponsored by Animato MuSica. Starting with the performance of all three Brahms piano quartets in 2017, we are holding performances of all songs from rare songs to major songs of cello sonata, piano trio, and violin sonata (11 performances including distribution).

This performance was postponed in 2020 due to the influence of the new coronavirus. The second of all the violin sonatas that were very popular last time will feature Poulenc Ravel.
In the first part, all songs of Poulenc Ravel Violin Sonata are played. In the second part, Ensemble Recommendation, we will have a talk session about chamber music and ensembles with our customers.

Ravel: Violin Sonata “Last Work”, Violin Sonata in G major, Pieces
Poulenc: Violin Sonata FP119

Cast: violin Yoko Sugie (Kyoto Symphony Orchestra 2nd Violin Deputy Principal Player) / piano Kazuko Suzuki
★ Performer profile

We hold a performance-style workshop for musicians, “Adult Study Group,” an ensemble trial workshop, a concert of all songs by participating artists, a talk session series “Premium Concert,” and a series of all songs recorded and distributed.

Animated MuSica
Adult Study Group Premium Concert vol.6 “Ravel Poulenc Violin Sonata All Songs”
Date and time: October 23, 2022 (Sun) 13:30 Open / 14:00 Start
Venue: Gohki Endoh Museum (Ru Takatsuji, Inokuma-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture)

Yoko Sugie ((Violin) Kyoto Symphony Orchestra 2nd Violin Deputy Principal Player)
Kazuko Suzuki (piano)

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■ Ticket price
Advance: 3,300 yen
On the day: 3,800 yen
(All seats are free and include tax)

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