Animals & Us: The Laa sports secondary school has gotten into the dog

From street dog to state-certified therapy companion dog

LAA. The mixed breed dog Mali has really experienced a lot in her three years of life. Abandoned as a puppy at a gas station, she has now been given a valuable job as a school dog at the Laa sports center.

Her proud mistress Barbara Zeinler teaches at the sports school in Laa and is happy that she has a co-pedagogue on four paws at her side after an intensive training in theory and practice. Animal-assisted education is an additional enrichment for young and old, especially in times of Corona. Why? It is exciting, for example, that calmer children come out more and open up. Even pupils with behavioral problems benefit from Mali in class, because the school bitch has a positive effect on well-being, mood and the learning atmosphere.

Sleeping during class – allowed!

Mali usually dozes during class, so the adolescents learn to do their work more quietly and with greater concentration. Children without a pet can enjoy everyday life as an animal. In physical education, Mali motivates the children to move and sometimes accompanies the class while they run.

The teacher is impressed that the entire sports school team is happy about the presence of her four-legged friend. It is funny that colleagues greet the dog first when entering the staff room in the morning.

Free subject

Since her partner with the cold muzzle only visits school on some days of the week and the enthusiasm on the part of the children and parents is huge, a new optional subject has been launched for the coming school year 2021/22. The high number of registrations for the voluntary subject “TIER & WIR” shows that the demand for animal-assisted interventions is great.
In this subject, the children are not only allowed to deal with animals and nature, but also experience encounters with people with special needs.

A visit with joint activities in the retirement home and various facilities are also planned. Mali and Babsi are already in the starting blocks and are looking forward to animal-assisted education with the kids in the optional subject “TIER & WIR”.

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