Animals in the office, more and more companies and administrations allow it

It is no longer an exception to see animals in the office, a dog or a cat curled up on their pillow, right next to the desk of their owners who, in the meantime, are working. They are more and more numerous public administrations and companies that admit the presence of pets in the workplace.

In Crema, for example, the experimentation that allows access to pets began on 1 October and will last one year. So far there are four dogs in the office and «there have been no critical issues. Indeed, the presence of a puppy helps create a positive climate, without considering that the owners are more peaceful because they know that the dog is not alone at home », the mayor Stefania Bonaldi explained to Repubblica.

In Milan, at Palazzo Marino, the Regulations for the welfare and protection of animals, approved in 2020, provide for the possibility of bringing your dog to the office. Paola Foschi, head of the Animal Office of the Municipality of Milan, where it is easy to meet Chira and Masha, explains that “seeing the dogs gives serenity, it is an opportunity to lower the tension that can be created “.

The University of Verona also promotes the presence of animals in the office, to promote well-being, reduce stress and increase the level of physical activity, productivity and serenity of employees. Obviously, you need to stick to a code of conduct and respect some important rules of coexistence between workers and the protection of animal welfare.

Clearly, there are certain requirements for dogs to be able to enter the offices. For example, they must be up to date with vaccinations and they must be medium size. In addition, the owner must keep the muzzle at hand. It is up to the manager of each individual office to grant permission for the pet to enter, after verifying that all workers appreciate their presence.

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However, normally, the presence of a pet in the office has a positive impact on the working environment and on the creation of value for the company. This is demonstrated by numerous research conducted by veterinarians and experts in the sector. According to data from the research «PAWrometer – Pets at Work» of the network of veterinary clinics The Banfield Pet Hospital, carried out on 1,000 employees and 200 human resources managers of American companies, it was found that 4 out of 5 companies that admit the presence of pets in the office found a concrete and measurable impact on the corporate climate.

Having your dog next to you also improves work performance because it makes the atmosphere more relaxed, stimulates creativity and facilitates interaction between colleagues, as well as fostering an atmosphere of cheerfulness and good humor.

On the other hand, as shown by the results of a survey conducted among 250 Italian managers by the startup Nibol, 54% of the panel said employees can bring their furry friend to the office once a week, just because those who go to work do not want to give up the company of their dog or your cat.

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