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Frankfurt/Main (dpa/tmn) – Very good wet food for cats is available from as little as 1.30 euros per day. This is the result of a study by “Öko-Test” (issue 3/23). 15 conventional and six organic wet foods for adult cats were tested. All were sold as complete feed.

All diets tested were “very good”, “good” or “satisfactory”. According to the experts, one of the foods is not expected to make an animal ill.

As a precaution, avoid too much phosphorus

However, the nutrient composition was not optimal in all feeds. Some were deducted because the levels of individual minerals and vitamin A were too high.

Eleven products contained more phosphorus and/or calcium than necessary. Too much water-soluble phosphorus is considered a long-term risk factor for kidney damage and should therefore be avoided. It was not possible to distinguish whether soluble or insoluble phosphorus was present here. Therefore, elevated values ​​should generally be avoided.

Older cats in particular suffer from kidney damage. Jürgen Zentek from the Freie Universität Berlin advises in “Öko-Test” to have older cats checked to see whether they have an unrecognized liver or kidney disease.

Six times “very good”

If you want to avoid a possible over- or undersupply in the long term, according to the testers, you should choose one of the “very good” tested products: Whiskas with lamb in jelly 1+ from Whiskas (1.13 euros per day), Felix as good as it looks with Nestlé Purina PetCare Chicken in Jelly (€2.20 per day), Activa Classic Adult Veal Pie by Activa (€1.79 per day).

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Three organic foods also received top marks: Defu Organic Pâté Lamb “Sensitive” cat food from Demeter-Feldproducing (3.66 euros per day), Wildes Land Adult Organic Duck and Turkey with Cranberries and Salmon Oil from Premium Pet Products (3.72 euros per day) and Zoo Royal organic pâté rich in beef with liver from Zoo Royale (1.50 euros per day).

No pollutants were found in any of the tested feeds, and the stated portions also matched the expert opinion. The prices for the daily ration in the test refer to the feeding recommendation for a cat weighing four kilograms.

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