Animals. A puppy bought at the Mulhouse salon abandoned the next day at the SPA

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She did not wait very long, she says on her Facebook account, to recover an animal sold during this meeting, and despite all her recommendations, and those of the City of Mulhouse: a first abandonment, a three-month-old bichon frize puppy, was made the day after its purchase. At 4 p.m., Monday, September 26, a mother and daughter brought him to the shelter, with the purchase invoice, which took place the day before at the salon.

A “turbulent and untenable” animal

The young girl did not disassemble: she is a student, the animal had been, during the evening, “turbulent and untenable”, further details the SPA. Something to wonder about: this little dog is around 800 € for purchase “from a recognized and serious breeder”. Not only did the abandonment make someone unhappy, but the impetus to buy undoubtedly cost a lot of money. And to conclude this poor story, the SPA announces that the puppy is not yet adoptable…

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