• With five votes in favor of the PAN, PRI, PRD and Alianza Verde; and three abstentions from MORENA, the deputies advance in the ruling to prohibit bullfights

The deputies of the Animal Welfare Commission, issued a favorable opinion of the citizen initiative “No to bullfights in Mexico City”, presented by the Resistencia Animal Defense Collective, with the aim that it enriches and contributes to forming a broader criterion and with a perspective of animal welfare, in the opinion that will be carried out by the ruling Commissions of Constitutional Points and Citizen Initiatives and the Local Public Administration of the capital congress.

In a working meeting, the president of the legislative body, Jesús Sesma Suárez, stressed that the opinion of the Animal Welfare Commission respects the spirit of article 13, Section B of the Political Constitution of Mexico City, which establishes the obligation to care the life and integrity of animals, in order to guarantee them dignified and respectful treatment, by recognizing them as beings with the capacity to feel.

In terms of bullfighting, the local deputy stated that there are several national and foreign studies that agree that these are contrary to what are considered good animal management practices and also to the principles of animal welfare, which is why they are questionable from an ethical point of view.

“In general, the death of the bull occurs either by suffocation or by loss of blood, and this is slow and without loss of consciousness. In addition, we must consider that violence cannot be part of the culture and tradition that surrounds us. identify themselves as Mexicans and less so as from the capital,” said Jesús Sesma Suárez, who is also the coordinator of the Green Alliance in the Congress of Mexico City.

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Consequently, taking into account what the Political Constitution of Mexico City establishes, as well as the criteria established by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, the multiple studies that exist and the fact that the largest square in the world that is located in this city already has a ban on bullfights, the PAN deputies, Federico Döring and Ana Villagrán, and the deputies Gabriela Quiroga (PRD) and Tania Larios (PRI), in addition to the Green Ecologist, Jesús Sesma, expressed their support to the citizen initiative that seeks to ban bullfights.

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