Animal welfare and protection focus the debate of the youth plenary session of ‘Weaving Democracy in Youth’ in Telde | Education


Telde.- Animal welfare and protection focused the debate at the first youth plenary session held within the framework of the project Weaving Democracy in Youth that the Telde Department of Citizen Participation is developing in the municipal institutes in collaboration with the Tribarte association.

The mayor Héctor Suárez, the deputy mayor and deputy in the Parliament of the Canary Islands Carmen Hernández, and the councilor for Citizen Participation and Welfare and Animal Protection, Auri Saavedra, participated in this plenary session together with a representation of the students of the 1st Baccalaureate of the IES Las Huesa and Guillermina Brito (La PArdilla), in which the different parties created by young people defended their proposals to improve the quality of life of animals. The IES Fernando Sagaseta, who has participated in the initiative, had to absent himself from the session due to scheduling problems.

The municipal councilor, Héctor Suárez, stressed that “it is very important that minors know what the political dynamics is like in the municipality and know the place where decisions that concern them are debated and made on a daily basis. In addition, it is important that they have chosen well-being animal as a monographic theme, as it makes them ambassadors of the responsibility and commitment with which this City Council works so that all animals have the treatment and space they deserve “.

Carmen Hernández, for her part, explained to the young people how the Parliament of the Canary Islands works and reminded them that recently, “the Proposal for the Animal Welfare and Protection Law has been registered, a document with which we intend to improve the living conditions of the animals”. In this sense, he stressed that “although it is a proposal presented by political groups, it is born from the consensus and active work of numerous groups of the animal movement.

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The councilor for Citizen Participation and Volunteering, and Animal Welfare and Protection, Auri Saavedra, praised the constructive spirit of the students who have participated in the Weaving Democracy in Youth project that has been developed these months in educational centers in collaboration with the Tribarte association to offer second cycle secondary and high school students a “clear” vision of what politics is and how public administrations work, especially the local one.

In addition, he clarified the concerns of the different political parties created by young people with names such as Wecan, PPC, Pade, PGB or LRA, among others, and announced that all their proposals “will be studied to incorporate them in the future municipal ordinance that regulates the possession, protection and welfare of animals “.

Among the students’ proposals are the request that pyrotechnics be prohibited or that only a method that does not generate noise be used, greater control and tightening of hunting permits, the prohibition and / or regulation of sale of animals and the organization in Telde of events in public spaces to connect people with dogs and cats that are up for adoption. They also call for more spaces for socialization in parks and beaches, and propose that the owner of an animal designate at least one more person as responsible to ensure that in case of abuse or neglect, justice can be done.

“The project developed these months has been a success since it has been possible to promote a better knowledge about what politics means and what is its scope of action so that more and more people are aware and involved in the development of full democracy “, concludes Saavedra.

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