Animal vaccination in San Nicolás

To continue with the work of bringing the services of the Animal Welfare House closer to the various colonies of San Nicolás, this Wednesday a vaccination and sterilization surgery brigade was taken to Colonia Valle de San Carlos.

A total of 35 operations to sterilize dogs and cats and just over a hundred vaccines against rabies and deworming were carried out in the square of this sector, one of the largest population of companion animals in the city.

Mayor Daniel Carrillo Martínez and the Director of the House of Animal Welfare, Héctor Arrambide, led the event that completes a score of brigades carried out so far this year and that have been organized for the same purpose.

The mayor explained that these types of events are taken to various neighborhoods in the City, also to show the pet animals that for now live in the Animal Welfare House and that remained in the street until a few weeks ago.

“In San Nicolás, within the movement that we have for the welfare and awareness of the population, what we seek is that the animals have a better quality of life, but also take care that we do not have an overpopulation and obviously within the campaign, seek that families adopt and give the animals a second chance at life, “he said.

“We will be closing the year with approximately 600 sterilization surgeries, they are minimally invasive operations, with which the animals have a much faster recovery,” he added. The municipal president pointed out that a sterilization surgery in a veterinary clinic can cost from $ 600.00 to $ 2,000.00 pesos depending on the place, size and breed of the animal, and that with these brigades, the neighbors are saving that money.

The Director of the Animal Welfare House announced that the next day of sterilization will take place on December 17 at the San Nicolás Center, where free services such as vaccination, nail trimming, consultations and sterilization surgeries will be offered. .

It was reported that people interested in adopting an animal can contact through a WhatsApp message, at the number 81179-92578, to meet the dogs and kittens that currently live in the Animal Welfare House and are looking for a home. .

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