‘Animal textile’: wildlife in art at TAMAT

Since mankind created, she is inspired by the world around her and in particular by animals. And interest in wildlife which does not seem to wane over time. The Aurochs of the Lascaux caves gave way to masterpiece of the lady with the unicorn at the beginning of the Renaissancethen to famous Jeff Koons poodles today. Whether it be their majestic walks or their flamboyant colors, impossible not to marvel at the diversity of our earthly companions. In their honor, thehe Museum of Tapestry and Textile Arts inaugurates on March 24 the exhibition Animal Textile.

A path made up of work 22 artists from different periods who look at both real and fantastic fauna. Ihe place of the animal in textile art goes beyond mere inspiration: his skin, his feathers like his fur can become the support of creation. Throughout the course, the tapestries of Tournai from the 15th and 16th centuries and the works of former artists, residents of the TAMAT or guests, reveal the animals from every angle.

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