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In collaboration with 13 zoos nationwide, “Mount Rainier Cafe Latte”, a package of “sleeping faces” of animals taking a nap, will be available nationwide from the week of May 9, 2022. Will be released sequentially.

Animal nap package that reduces “stress” by up to 5.4%

“Mount Rainier”, the No. 1 brand of chilled cup coffee sold by Morinaga Milk Industry. As a “Mount Rainier Deep Healing Project”, we sell “Mount Rainier” -Deep Healing Package-, which is a package of cute animals taken by the keeper in 2021. Cumulative shipments have exceeded 75 million units.

This time, we will sell “Mount Rainier Cafe Latte” which is a package of “sleeping faces” of animals taking a nap-a deep healing animal nap package-. According to the sensitivity evaluation survey by EEG measurement conducted by Morinaga Milk Industry, the deep healing animal nap package with the sleeping face of a cute animal is 1.0% on average compared to the existing package of “Mount Rainier Cafe Latte”. , It has been confirmed that the “stress level” tends to be reduced by up to 5.4%.

All 16 types of packages from 13 zoos nationwide

1. African Safari Tiger (Pearl)

2. Tennoji Zoo California Sea Lion (Chobi)

3. Location: Asahikawa City Asahiyama Zoo Current location: Ishikawa Prefecture Ishikawa Zoo Snow leopard (Jima)

4. Saitama Children’s Zoological Park Koala (Koharu Fuku)

5. Adventure World Giant Panda (Kaedehama)

6. Location: Himeji Central Park Current location: Moving to another garden White Lion

7. Miyagi Zao Fox Village Arctic Fox (Hanajiro)

8. Location: Kobe Animal Kingdom Current location: Nagasaki Bio Park / Kobe Animal Kingdom Sand Cat (Muff Barry)

9. Nasu Animal Kingdom Red Panda (Important, Daifuku)

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10. Himeji Central Park Capybara

11. Saitama Children’s Zoological Park Mara

12. Kobe Animal Kingdom Manul Cat (Az)

13. Izu Animal Kingdom White Tiger (Meringue)

14. Izu Shaboten Zoo Fennec (Vega)

15. Adventure World Giant Panda (Kaedehama)

16. Himeji Central Park Small-clawed otter

・ Animals from all over the country appear in the package of cup coffee “Mount Rainier Cafe Latte”

・ “Pien” fish and “too dense” fish are being held at the entry “Aquamarine Fukushima Trendy Fish Award 2020”

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