Animal rights activist thwarted an operation to catch a tiger attacking dogs in Primorye

A Primorye animal rights activist accidentally thwarted an operation to catch an Amur tiger that was attacking dogs in the Khasan region of the region. As told
“Vostok-Media” an informed source close to the structure of the regional hunting supervision, over the past several months, the department’s employees have not stopped looking for a striped predator attacking dogs in the area of ​​the village of Zanadvorovka.

Experts have repeatedly made attempts to scare the tiger away from the settlement. However, the cunning cat left only for a while, and then returned again and continued to carry the dogs.

The atypical behavior of the predator seriously worried the experts. To understand its reasons, it was decided to capture the beast. It was assumed that after the capture of a large tabby cat will be sent for rehabilitation to the center for the rescue of wild animals “Tiger” in the seaside village of Alekseevka, where she will undergo a thorough veterinary examination. The staff of the center will take all the necessary tests from the tiger, and if the animal is found healthy, it will soon be released into the wild with a sufficient food supply away from settlements.

Hunting control specialists prepared a special trap to catch the tiger. A cage was placed inside it, in which the dog was put. It was assumed that the striped predator, sensing its favorite delicacy, would “bite” at the bait, and then it could be caught. In this case, the dog, protected by thick bars of the lattice, will remain alive and not be harmed.

After completing all the preparations, the specialists went to the required distance and began to wait. But then something went wrong. A local woman walked by walking with her dogs. Seeing the mongrel in the cage, the woman opened the door and released the poor fellow to freedom, and then also talked about what had happened in the village chat. Thus, she aroused the anger of her fellow countrymen, who were already tired of being afraid of the tiger terrorizing the whole district, and were looking forward to when the animal was finally caught.

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As it became known to “Vostok-Media”, on April 8, another group of specialists from hunting supervision will leave for the village of Zanadvorovka – already in order to carry out explanatory work with the local population.


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