Animal permits: in Charleroi, we expect chaos for the fall

For the moment, a person who presents himself at the Charleroi SPA must therefore sign a document committing him to provide this famous certificate no later than October 1st.“Without this document, we will be obliged to go and take the animal back”asserts Franck Goffaux, the director of the Charleroi SPA.

Another unknown “administrative detail” is the fact that the document is only valid for one month and only in one place.“For example, if a family wants chickens and a dog, they will need a duplicate document, one to pick up the chickens on the market and another for the dog, at the SPA. Either they have to ask for two directly, or you will have to re-queue to get the precious sesame.”

The person in charge of the SPA remains perplexed as for a regularization of the situation as of this month of October.“We had 150 adoptions of dogs and cats in July. If we make a forecast, this could represent some 500 animals of all kinds that we would be likely to seek out if we do not receive the documents for adoption.”For municipalities that are not yet in order, this will represent a hell of a job. “For those who are not ready, it will be necessary to catch up on late files and process those who arrive.”

There will be work to be done, according to Franck Goffaux: “We will have to dedicate this task to a very specific person in the municipal administration. It’s going to take him some time to cross-reference the person’s identity with the list of environmental offenders. »Since the Minister’s announcement, municipal administrations have been free to charge for the document. This is how Aiseau-Presles, Farciennes or Ham-sur-Heure/Nalinnes charge €2.5, Sivry-Rance €3 or Beaumont €5. “I understand that this is an administrative act carried out by a single person authorized to do so, but there are differences and not harmonization on the prices. It can also be an additional income for municipalities that have some problems and I do not blame them.concludes the director of the SPA.

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