Animal of the week: the loving dodo

This is how Dodo is described by the shelter team:

Dodo – German shepherd-spitz mix, male, born 01/2010, neutered, SH 50 cm, 28 kg – Dodo-Mann was once mediated by us, but unfortunately came back after a long time because the family’s circumstances have changed . The owner had to give up his house and move into an apartment. Dodo is a rather shy and reserved boy who needs a certain amount of time to get used to. Once he has gained confidence, he presents himself openly and affably. If you touch him, he usually takes a crouched posture.

Unfortunately, we do not know where this reaction comes from. Originally he comes from our Romanian partner shelter. Maybe he’s had bad experiences. Dodo is compatible with bitches and would feel comfortable as a second dog with a pretty, preferably older lady at his side. Gladly in a rural environment with a house and garden, because he knows and likes that. In any case, he needs close family connections and would like to be valued and treated as a full and loved family member.

Cats and small animals should not live in the household. We wish so much for Dodo that he gets the big prize again in his old age and doesn’t have to spend the rest of his life in the animal shelter. If you don’t expect anything big from him and are willing to adapt to him, you get a lovable sweetheart with character. We exclude kennel or pure court keeping for our pretty one.

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