Animal of the week: people with experience wanted

Balto still has to go to school in his new home Balto came to the shelter a few weeks ago as a found dog. In the young shepherd dog there is a lot of energy and urge to move according to its age. Doing justice to this is a challenge, especially in everyday animal shelter life.

He already knows the basic commands and he walks quite well on a leash as long as he is not exposed to stimuli such as cyclists, cars, strangers or fellow dogs. This shows that there is still a lot to be done. With people he trusts, he is affectionate, calms down and enjoys being cuddled. The animal shelter is looking for people with the appropriate experience who are able to lead him safely and consistently and direct his power in the right direction. The compatibility with an already existing dog would have to be tested in individual cases.
Children should be in their teens and familiar with living with a dog.
Anyone who is interested in this animal should send a completed questionnaire to the animal shelter in Duisburg by post or email with sufficient postage, which is available for download on the homepage The shelter will then contact you to discuss the next steps.
Contact: Municipal animal shelter Duisburg, Lehmstraße 12, in Neuenkamp, ​​, e-mail:

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