Animal Moves and Hiit are among the sports trends that will be imposed this year

A new year always brings with it new trends. If 2021 was the year of economic reactivation, this will undoubtedly be the year of the search for normalcy. In this sense, experts speak of sports activity as synonymous with well-being after two years of the pandemic. Here, face-to-face and group sports will be one of the sports trends, without home exercise disappearing, experts point out.

This is based on the fact that people will be looking for ways to get out of the routine and socialize, especially for those who are still teleworking.

For this, experts in the world of fitness and sports in general, have revealed what will be the sports modalities most requested by people and also the most functional in this new year.

According to Wilson García, a personal trainer, among the exercise modalities that will be a trend are those that involve significant caloric expenditure in a short time. For example, Hiit (High Intensity Interval Training) is located there.

“This type of exercise will be preferred because it involves different movements not only with weights, but also with your own body weight,” Garcia explained.
Another of them will be the ‘animal moves’, focused on developing coordination, strength, resistance and agility; also the TRX, the famous modality that allows you to exercise with your body weight and that, therefore, allows you to train it either from home, in a sports center or in a park.

As for specific sports, Rubén Baquero, fitness director of the Spinning Center Gym, indicates that cycling and recreational athletics will be the ones that rule the stop in 2022.

“These two types of sports will be more in demand by people who are more afraid of covid and prefer to avoid crowds; and also for those who now work from home and see the gym as an opportunity to lower the stress that has increased in their homes,” said Baquero.

Options such as basketball, soccer and volleyball will be another of the most sought-after sports to exercise.

As for whether at home or sports centers. The trend is leaning towards a hybrid model, however, more towards face-to-face. Sport at home will continue, but now, it will be more mediated by a greater interest in stress management and general well-being within the home.

“I prefer to go both ways. When I have time to go to a gym to breathe, but when the day to day doesn’t give me, to avoid losing the routine I go to my gym at home In addition, there are some sports that lose profit if they are not done face-to-face, such as martial arts ” said Mario Ortiz Herrera, an amateur athlete.

With all this, the prognosis is a greater interest in obtaining a general well-being and not only physical, and more attendance. In addition, technology will be a great ally in optimizing results (see graph).


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