Animal mass increases Livestock module of educational institution in Bartolomé Masó

Increasing the animal mass has become the work of teachers and other workers of the Livestock Module belonging to the Arsenio Carbonell Vázquez Polytechnic Institute, of the Camilo Cienfuegos School City, in Bartolomé Masó.

In addition to being a specialized classroom for the different careers and subjects taught in our center, this area is key in the generation of protein foods for our dining rooms, said Mr. Orlando Medina Ricardo, at the head of such a distinctive production facility.

In recent months, he added, we have had an increase in all the masses present here such as sheep, goats, swine, rabbits and birds while we have worked to increase the food base, an essential element for livestock development.

For this purpose, Medina Ricardo pointed out, we have established new areas of Piñón Cuba, Moringa, Morera and King Grass, as well as the renovation of the existing sugarcane and rice areas for the production of forages and Creole feed.

The group of the Arsenio Carbonell Vázquez Polytechnic Institute, like many others in the educational sector in Bartolomé Masó, has managed in these times of pandemic to give a greater boost to its productive areas, responding to the call of the country’s highest leadership to produce food for the people.

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