Animal Kingdom and Maseca inaugurate sustainable farm


Mexico City / 02.05.2021 14:09:49

As part of the comprehensive three-year sustainable regional development project for the Teotihuacán area, State of Mexico, Grupo Maseca (Gruma) and the Animal Kingdom Conservation Center Maseca Sustainable Farm was inaugurated, space for sustainable agricultural production.

In a statement, the company indicated that the farm is 100 percent sustainable, designed to be an educational and interactive experience for visitors of all ages, where topics on the importance of a lifestyle in balance with the environment are addressed.

“The operation of the farm, financed by Maseca with one million 500 thousand pesos, includes food production processes with agro-ecological and hydroponic techniques, comprehensive waste management to generate compost, vermicompost and biogas. In addition, a solar power plant that generates 100 percent of the electricity needs of the park, “he said.

In a surface area of ​​4,800 square meters within the park the sustainable farm Maseca is located, which has an audiovisual room; a hydroponic food production area; a pollinator garden; a module for laying birds, another for vermicompost; sections with poultry and horses; a veterinary hospital; a rabbit module with its respective interactive area; Cameroon goat section; cattle, sheep and goat warehouses.

The event was led by Ithiel Berrum González, general director of Reino Animal, and Hernán Marcos Marcos, deputy director of marketing of Grupo Maseca, who were accompanied by managers of the park and the company.



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